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Heat Sinks

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Free Stuff!

Over many year of electronics and amateur radio hobby, I've accumulated quite a lot of miscellaneous parts and other things. I've come to the realisation that I will most likely never make use of all of it. There's just way too much. However, I believe most of this stuff can still be of use to someone, so I'd prefer not to simply throw away or scrap any of it.

Therefore, I am giving away everything listed in this section of the website for FREE. Unfortunately, since shipping does cost money, you will have to pay for the shipping costs.

Just click on one of the categories to the left to see items that are available. If you are interested in something, contact me and let me know your name and full mailing address, I will inform you of the shipping cost and payment details. Payment will only be accepted via PayPal and must be received before I ship the item.

Note that shipping cost for some larger/heavier items or international shipping could get quite expensive. Items will be shipped regular mail or regular parcel with no insurance unless requested otherwise. Note that alternate shipping methods and insurance is additional cost.

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